The Mega Plush: The war between gun-toting stuffed animals is brewing (VIDEO)

The Mega Plush is a short video from Matt Burniston that chronicles the violent uprising of the Society of Chimps (SOC) against four plush teddy-bear vigilantes.

In this video posted to Vimeo, tt appears this bear has lost a leg, presumably in battle, but that doesn’t stop him from doing parkour-worthy flips off tall buildings as he chases down a fleeing member of the SOC.

No, this bear is determined. Though when he’s finally about to unleash a bullet and rip the stuffing out of the already wounded chimp, a trap is sprung and the fierce vigilante discovers the odds were never in his favor. (Hunger Games reference intended.)

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 9.31.18 PM

He’s a mean bear alright, but “does he have the stuffing?”

[ Vimeo ]

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