CNN complains NORAD’s Santa Clause tracker with F-18 escorts is too militant (VIDEO)

NORAD has been relentlessly tracking the notorious Santa Clause for years. Their “Santa Tracker” service has provided countless Americans with priceless holiday cheer, but this year, CNN claims things got a little too militant.

In the NORAD video, Santa cruises the skies with an F-18 escort, assuring presents would get to all the good little boys and girls.

“This year, it looks more military than usual,” CNN defense reporter Barbara Starr said. “Santa has a couple of F-18s on his tail guiding him around the world. The military says they planned all this. They wanted it to have more of an operational feel.”

I say, as long as Santa completes his mission, the general populace doesn’t need to know how it was done.

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[ Mediaite ]

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