'Elite Knife Fighter v. Elite Gun Fighter' continues (VIDEO)

Funker Tactical is working with two of the brightest combat instructors for this series of Knife v. Gun videos, the purpose of which is to debunk the “21-foot rule.” The rule states that if you are within 21 feet of a person who is armed with a melee weapon that you should already have your gun out of its holster.

The rule is controversial because it tells people to draw their firearm on people early and often.

These guys want to challenge the rule with new ways to defeat an armed attacker at even shorter ranges, to teach people how to react to armed assailants as well as prove that the 21-foot rule, well, isn’t.

Bonus behind the scenes footage:

Granted, some of these techniques are a little on the extreme side but they do show that you can deal with a knife-wielding attacker at much closer ranges than the 21-foot rule says you can.

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