Navy SEAL dropout turned millionaire poker-star playboy loves guns, girls and cars (10 Photos)


Dan Bilzerian, right, was kicked out of the Navy SEAL program.

Dan Bilzerian was kicked out of the Navy SEAL program, but that didn’t stop him from earning millions at the poker tables and Instagramming his exorbitant lifestyle.

The 32-year-old Florida native was once training to be a SEAL, but after a range violation and cursing at an officer, he was promptly booted from the program. The self-proclaimed “actor/astronaut/asshole” now earns his living as a high-stakes gambler, and even took home a World Series of Poker championship bracelet in 2009. But Bilzerian didn’t stop there. He co-founded an online poker room called Victory Poker and his net worth has skyrocketed to nearly $100 million, the Daily Mail reports.

So what does the former military millionaire do in his spare time? Aside from suffering a double heart attack at 25 and a pulmonary embolism two years ago from his risk-taking lifestyle, the Instagram playboy likes spending his free time with half-naked women, an arsenal of automatic weaponry and everything else that comes with having enough money to buy whatever his heart desires.

Check out some of the pictures he’s posted to his social media websites.


The caption to this picture reads, “When I was a kid, I never wanted to be classy, I just wanted to be rich.”



The caption to this picture reads, “My biggest fear is that someone will break in & I won’t be able to decide what #gun to shoot them with.”


Not satisfied with just an expensive car, the former serviceman customized his plates as well.


A friend brought this seal to Bilzerian’s house, perhaps as a homage to his SEAL past.


Bilzerian said he wasn’t cool as a kid, but he’s definitely making up for it now.


The caption to this picture reads, “Bought these sexy twins for the duck hunt in December. #onesnotenough”


Just loungin’ in fatigues with a bunch of hot women.


Bilzerian said the party was just starting to get interesting at this point.

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