Crimson Trace announcing green 1911 laser grips

green 1911 laser grips

Crimson Trace is officially announcing a series of green laser grips for 1911 pistols. They have been a long time in the works with the first photos of the grips having been leaked late last year.

There will be two models, both Lasergrips, one for full-size 1911s and the other for compact models.

“As the industry leader, we take great pride in our ability to develop the newest, latest and best technology story for laser sighting systems. Rather than churning out a green laser for ‘green laser’s sake,’ we’ve worked tirelessly to develop the most efficient power solution and cleanest laser beam available on the market,” said Kent Thomas, marketing director at Crimson Trace in a press release.

“Our goals remain the same: to enhance people’s ability to protect home, family and country and to make laser sighting systems standard equipment on every personal protection firearm. With this innovative green laser solution, there’s no question we’ve contributed to those goals.”

Green light laser sights offer significant performance benefits over red light laser sights. They are far more visible under all circumstances, even bright daylight conditions that would wash out a red light laser. They’re more intense and have a longer range as well.

green 1911 laser grips (2)Green light lasers can easily be seen over several hundred yards at night, but for daytime use they’re sighted in at 50 yards. At that distance the laser’s dot will be about half an inch in diameter.

The all-around improved visibility comes with two caveats, the first being battery life. Green light is a much higher frequency of light and a green light laser will drain a battery twice as fast. The other is cost, with the high-performance parts running a slight price premium.

These green sights have an effective run time of about two hours on two 2032 batteries, down from four hours with the red light laser sights. But they use the same instinctive grip activator and also have a master power switch to power off the grips for practice and transportation.

The green light Lasergrips for 1911s will be priced at $399 on the Crimson Trace website, with lower prices expected on the retail front. It’s not a huge price jump over the red light Lasergrips which have an MSRP of $339.

These will come in handy for anyone who wants an extremely visible sighting system for their self-defense pistol. And because they’re Lasergrips, they won’t interfere with holsters. These Lasergrips are good to go.

For more details and specifications head over to the product page. Not a 1911 owner? Give it time, Crimson trace is working on green light laser sights for Glock pistols (Gen 3 and Gen 4), full-size M&P pistols and J-frame revolvers. Other models are sure to come in the future.

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