Magpul AR-10 PMAG and Rail Light Mount incoming (VIDEO)

magpul pmag 308 gen m3

magpul pmag 308 gen m3 2

Magpul is following up on their new series of Gen M3 magazines for AR-10 rifles with a new 10-rounder. These compact magazines are great for shooting prone with a bipod or off a bag, and make loading and ejecting mags much easier in tight spaces. They’re also perfect for juristictions that limit magazine capacities to 10 rounds, naturally.

At just $19 — even less in the real world — they’re also some of the most affordable AR-10 mags out there.

magpul rail light mount

magpul rail light mount 2

magpul rail light mount 3

At the same time, Magpul is launching a real stocking-stuffer, the Rail Light Mount. The Rail Light Mount fits on any standard Picatinny rail and works perfectly with Magpul XTM panels. It’s a forward, cantilevered mount that keeps the light close to the bore to minimize barrel shadow. It also is contoured for use as a grip with a ramp for thumbs running right up to the light switch.

Designed with Surefire 300 and 600 series lights in mind, the mount is compatible with pretty much any weapon light with bodies from .75- to 1.03-inch diameters with its adjustable anodized aluminum rings.

Priced at just $30 (and again, less in stores), the Rail Light Mount is coming in hot to the list of gift ideas for gun owners who have everything, and is sure to see a lot of success with the tactical crowd.

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