PROXiMITY: Hunt together or die alone (VIDEO)

PROXiMITY, by Ryan Connolly, is a gripping short film that thrusts the viewer into the middle of a repeating cycle of organized chaos.

Four men are bagged and bound as they are transported to an undisclosed location in the woods. Once there, the Hunters, armed with bolt-action rifles, set them free. But it becomes quickly evident they are paired together, and if they stray too far from their counterpart, the tracking devices on their ankles will detonate, according to the video posted to YouTube.

Dressed antithetically from the Hunters, the Hunted sport white tees and khaki pants. They flee for their lives but struggle to maintain proximity as what little trust they have quickly unravels.

Only quick thinking and the will to survive can break the cycle and allow the Hunted to become the Hunters.


PROXiMITY: Hunt together or die alone.

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