Hi-Viz rolls out next-gen sights and new camo sights for shotguns

hi viz generation 3

Hi-Viz, one of the biggest names in fiber optic sights, has developed a new generation of front sights for popular duty pistols with an emphasis on durability. The third-generation design also features interchangeable light pipes.

These sights use polymer inserts, not glass, to collect ambient light, illuminating the sights’ dots. While not traditional fiber optic sights, they are considerably less fragile and this new generation even more so.

Unlike the previous generation of Hi-Viz sights, these are not exposed to the elements or “over-molded” with a clear polymer shell, they are inserted into a cage. The front sight has a series of cutouts to let light in but have enough metal to protect the light pipe from hits that could break glass rods or knock out light pipes of other sight designs.

hi viz generation 3 (2)Hi-Viz is kicking off their third-gen sights with models for Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P pistols at first. They make sights for many popular service pistols and it’s likely that these third-gen fiber optic sights will eventually be offered for other guns in the future.

The new front sights use .08-inch diameter light pipes that can be swapped out for replacement or for different colors. Hi-Viz ships the sights with three light pipes, one red, one green and one white. The sights are also serrated to reduce glare. The front sights are all priced around $40 making them affordable as well.

Hi-Viz has also developed new models of their popular shotgun sights with camo finishes to match popular shotgun camouflage.

“With almost all shotgun models being offered in a camo version, it only seems logical to have your accessories in camo as well”, said Trevor Young, Hi-Viz Product Manager in a press release. “We’ve decided to offer three of most popular shotgun sights in camo as well.”

Apart from the camo finish the sights have the same specifications as their matte black counterparts.

Hi-Viz is starting with three models of shotgun sights, the Tri-Viz, the BirdBuster and the Reminton ETA.

The Tri-Viz is a front and rear sight set with a wind-adjustable rear sight. Suitable for taking all types of game the rear sight is removable for bird hunting and target shooting. Both the front and rear sight have polymer light pipes with the front sight using interchangeable light pipes. The Tri-Viz ships with three triangular front sights of varying elevation and one round dot front sight.

Hi-Viz Launches Camo Series of Shotgun SightsThe BirdBuster is a simple front sight that also uses interchangeable light pipes, adjusted for elevation and a round dot light pipe. It is designed to be rib-mounted and comes with a set of bases to fit all common shotgun ribs.

The Remington ETA is a narrow front sight for ribbed Remington 870, 1100 and 11-87 shotguns specifically. It comes with four-round light pipes, two each red and green, and two triangular light pipes one red and one green.

The camo shotgun sight prices haven’t been listed yet but aren’t likely to run much more than the black-based sights, which are all priced in the $20-to-$35 range.

Whether they’re used for sport or self-defense, fiber optic front sights offer a notable advantage over tradition target or dotted sights, from daylight to low-light situations. They’re getting more and more common on serious working guns in addition to target and competition guns.

Hi-Viz’s latest additions to their fiber optic front sight catalog are very welcome. For more details head over to the Hi-Viz website.

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