Heizer Defense gets new website, 'Pocket Shotgun' shipping this month

heizer defense

Heizer Defense, inventor of the “Pocket Shotgun” .410/.45 Colt single-shot derringer, is launching a new website and gearing up to ship their pocket pistol later this month.

The Pocket Shotgun, or PS1, was developed by Heizer after splitting with Double Tap, who makes a similar series of two-shot 9mm and .45 ACP derringers. It is an extremely thin and light pistol for deep concealment and back-up use.

The new website is designed to look better and have more information and media regarding Heizer’s products. Heizer plans to continue to update and refine the website as they grow, with plans to add a complete list of distributors and dealers to make it easier for potential customers to find PS1 pistols.

“The new website better represents the advanced quality of our product and superiority of manufacturing. We also want to reinforce our commitment to keeping Heizer Defense a USA based company”, said Tom Heizer of Heizer Defense in a press release.

heizer defense ps1

“The site contains revised product information and pictures, recent press releases, and helpful links,” said Jeff Smith, the web designer. “We will be making more updates to the site over time that includes videos, online owner’s manuals and revised product announcements. The website has been re-designed so the site is compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices.”

“As we roll out the PS1 Pocket Shotgun Pistol this month, we want to make sure consumers understand that we engineered the product to be a reliable and durable pistol,” added Heizer’s Gary Ramey.

“To prove this point, we also fired more than 5,000 shotgun rounds through a single pistol in only 2.5 days [without any stoppages]. That is a testament to our design and quality.”

The PS1 is just barely over half an inch wide making it particularly easy to pocket. It’s a double-action only all-steel pistol that chambers both 2.5- and 3-inch .410 bore shot shells. Inside the grip is a compartment for two .45 Colt cartridges.

Heizer has previously stated their intent to produce more compact 2.5-inch-only .410 derringers as well as two-shot .45 ACP derringers. Detailed specifications, including dimensions and weight, are not yet listed on the new website. While it is possible that these have not been set in stone, it’s also possible that the website is partially incomplete and still in development.

Website notwithstanding, the increasing popularity of .410/.45 Colt pistols for self-defense and the demand for smaller and smaller concealed-carry guns is sure guarantee a good amount of success for Heizer. With a suggested MSRP of just $499 and real-world prices likely to be even lower, it will likely be popular with the novelty crowd as well.

If you’re interested in picking up a Heizer Defense PS1 be sure to keep an eye out on their upgraded website and start looking in stores near you.

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