'The NFL Song' (VIDEO)

I’ve actually come to enjoy the Super Bowl for the commercials more than the game at this point, and those you can just watch on YouTube.

At the same time, the Super Bowl is such a social event that even people who are considering boycotting the game might wind up catching it just to hang out with their friends.

Of course that opens the door to “I would be boycotting the Super Bowl, but I told Ted that I was going to bring my famous beer-battered cheese dip, and I don’t want to disappoint …”

How about this: if you find yourself accidentally enjoying the Super Bowl, you know, in between commercial breaks, you can still support Daniel Defense buy buying something from their store. It doesn’t have to be a $300 quad rail, hit up their Yard Sale and buy a DD mousepad.

Or stock up today and hand them out to everyone else watching the Super Bowl (for the commercials, of course).

More great songs by fxhummel1 can be found on his YouTube Channel.

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