Liberty Safe's SafElert safe monitoring system now free for life


Liberty Safe is changing their SafElert monitoring policy for their electronic, networked safe monitors in a big way. From here on out, they’re offering their SafElert monitoring service for free. For life.

Customers still have to pay for the SafElert monitor, but the monitors are affordable at just $200 — especially when you take your safe’s contents into account. This will save SafElert users $40 annually.

“People have enough monthly fees to worry about and we decided not to add to them,” said Liberty Safe CEO Kim Waddoups in a press release. “We have determined that our customers are best served if we offer this great service with no additional fees attached. We are pleased to announce that Liberty Safe’s SafElert now comes with free monitoring service — forever!”

The system monitors a safe for all types of activities, including whether or not it’s opened or moved, knocked around, broken into, jarred or subject to any other type of unusual behavior or treatment. It tracked temperature changes and will sound an alarm if there’s a flood or fire and it tracks humidity to ensure your guns stay rust-free.

It will also send out weekly updates on its battery status. The SafElert runs on a regular pair of AA cells.

Liberty Safe calls it the Elertus Cloud Service. It does require an always-on Internet connection. The SafElert is a small device, measuring three inches by two inches an is an inch thick, small enough to fit in just about any gun safe or anything else you’d like to track and monitor, like a desk drawer or a liquor cabinet.

(Heads up vinophiles, they also have a wine protection system.)

The device connects to your router and will send updates to up to five devices, and works with cell phones, smart phones, tablets and computers (Windows and OSX supported), giving you a great deal of peace-of-mind no matter where you are. In the case that the safe blocks wi-fi signals, the SafElert has a wired antenna that can be set outside of the safe. Alarms are sent out in the form of emails and text messages.

To set it up all you have to do is install the batteries and sign up for service on their website, There you choose what you want the SafElert to monitor and link it to the devices you want it to send updates and alarms to. That’s it, you’re good to go.

This comes in just in time for the holidays, so if you’re looking for a gift for your favorite firearms enthusiast, this could be the ticket.

While there are several new “smart” safes on the market, the SafElert can be used to add brains to any existing safe without having to replace it. 

And if you don’t have a safe, be sure to visit the Liberty Safe website for more information about their line of very durable and dependable safes in addition to more details about the SafElert system.

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