To port or not to port? (VIDEO)

This makes a pretty strong case for porting. Of course, with cheap ammo you’re gonna see a lot of flash and smoke from the blast, and that’s probably the biggest drawback. You’ll also lose some energy at the muzzle.

But, like the man says, if you shoot low-flash ammo it’s not really a problem and the recoil reduction is significant. If you have a light or compact magnum revolver or plan to race any gun in an open division, porting can make a big difference and greatly improve shootability.

Mag-na-port, which is what Jerry Miculek runs, will do their thing for $100 to $210, depending on the type of firearm and the number of ports. There are a lot of options when it comes to porting, though, so you might want to shop around first.

And if you want to learn more from one of the greatest shooters alive, head over to Miculek’s website. Everyone has some room for improvement.

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