Christmas tree hunt! (VIDEO)

True facts about the Christmas tree:

  • The original Christmas tree grew its own tinsel. Selective predation of them over the years have conditioned¬†Christmas trees to grow tinsel-free, allowing people to decide for themselves if they want to deal with the hassle of tinsel.
  • Before electricity,¬†Christmas trees were lit with candles. Before candles, people would gather fireflies to glue to their¬†Christmas trees. This little-known tradition would later be the focus of a popular, short-run television series.
  • The Yule log dessert was at one point a frosted section of¬†Christmas tree, to be given to servants to eat on Boxing day. It was believed that bark was good for the pancreas and that servants did not, in general, have healthy pancreases.
  • The German word for Christmas tree is¬†Weihnachtsbaum, and that‚Äôs a funny word that sorta looks like a wiener stuck in a bum (snicker).
  • Early¬†Christmas tradition involved decorating¬†Christmas trees with apples, representing the forbidden fruit of the garden of Eden. Then people would eat the apples, not even kidding about that.
  • Although muskets are customary arms for hunting¬†Christmas trees, during the 1800s it was common to use TNT. Some Christians today still use a similar method to harvest¬†Christmas trees, now with det-cord.

What are some other true facts about the Christmas tree?

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