Hand-engraved AK-47 for black-tie operations (4 PHOTOS)

custom engraved AK

custom engraved AK (2)

custom engraved AK (3)

custom engraved AK (4)

AK operators union 47-74

AK-pattern rifles are special for a lot of reasons, they’re dead-nuts reliable, they’re inexpensive, they’re fantastically simple and they’re probably the most effective anti-Nazi gun that was never actually used against Nazis.

But they’re also special because they bridge the gap between modern fighting carbines and the wood-and-steel rifles of the first half of the 20th century.

With all the polymer carbon-fiber synthetic rubber-molded action operator modular tactical furniture out there, this is a nice reminder of what good time-tested wood brings to the table.

Via the AK Operators Union Local 47-74, which also makes these boss T-shirts in black and white and grey and black. Need a gift for your AK lover? Here you go.

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