The Flower Shell: A new way to plant your garden (VIDEO)

The Flower Shell is a shotgun shell loaded with seeds instead of pellets.

Developed by Per Cromwell, Creative Director at Studio Total in Sweden, the Flower Shell is meant to give life and claims to be “the first shotgun shell that fires flower seeds.” Currently, the Flower Shell has 12 different seed options, including Daisy, Sunflower, Lavender, Peony, and others, according to the Flower Shell website.

This isn’t the first unusual creation that has come out of Studio Total. The company has previously developed a hovering lamp that follows the user, a rocking chair that charges an iPhone, and even a flying carpet.

So if you’re looking for a radical gift for that special gun-loving green-thumb this Christmas, consider the Flower Shell.


Studio Total claims the Flower Shell is the first shotgun shell to fire seeds.


The company cautions users the Flower Shell can still be potentially dangerous and should always be treated like live ammunition.


There are currently 12 different seed options to choose from.


The Flower Shell in action.

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