Poll shows majority of Americans support armed TSA agents


A new poll shows the majority of Americans support arming TSA agents.

In the wake of the LAX shooting that left one TSA agent dead and several others wounded, a poll was released Dec. 12 that shows 59 percent of Americans support arming TSA agents.

The poll, conducted by the Reason Foundation, comes nearly month after the Federation of Government Employees proposed creating a new class of TSA agent that would carry a sidearm and operate in a capacity similar to a sworn law enforcement officer.

“Our officers are verbally assaulted every day, they’re physically assaulted far too often, and they need better protection at those checkpoint,” says David Borer, General Counsel for the American Federation of Government Employees. “That’s why we’re advocating for a new class of officer who is trained as a law enforcement officer, has a weapon, has arrest authority, and so forth to protect those checkpoints.”

According to the poll, both Democrats and Republicans support the proposed change in policy by nearly 66 percent, while Libertarians only support it by 44 percent.

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