Unleash 672 rounds of elastic fury with the Rubber Band Machine Gun (VIDEO)

This Rubber Band Machine Gun can unleash elastic hell with its 672-round ammo capacity.

The RBGM is a KickStarter project by Alex Shpetniy, a student of art and design at the National University of Lugansk in Ukraine. The RBGM touts some impressive specs like a CNC machined wood frame, fully automatic firing, 26-foot range, and a firing rate of 14 shots per second, according to the KickStarter page.

Loading all those rubber bands can be time consuming, but Shpetniy has thought of that too. With the “special fast charging device” the reload time takes only a couple of minutes.

Shpetniy and his team plan to sell the base version for $85. With $13,300 already pledged, they’ve already blasted past their $5,000 goal. And they still have 31 days left to go.

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The RBMG has 16 barrels that hold a total of 672 rubber bands.


The motor is powered by five AA batteries.


The RBMG can fling rubber bands at a rate of 14 rounds per second up to a distance of 26 feet.


The standard version is CNC cut plywood that has not been stained or finished.


It also comes in a burnt wood edition.


As well as “tactical black.”

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