Primary Weapon Systems ‘Half Cocked’ teaser: Social Media (VIDEO)

These are looking pretty fantastic considering the fact that Primary Weapon Systems is a rifle manufacturer.

“The need to tell the world our story overcame our crippling collective self-conscious, so we huddled together in a dimly-lit conference room to find a way to circumvent our predicament,” reads the “Half Cocked” promo page. “Hours later, after a saddening amount of pizza, several morally questionable ideas, and ever blurring line between functioning and non-functioning alcoholism, and idea was born.”

I cannot wait for full episodes of “Half Cocked” even if they’re just shorts.

This also makes me want to own one of their rifles for some reason. Guess it’s working already.

For updates on “Half Cocked” hit up the PWS Facebook page or the Instagram thing.

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