Gamers and gun rights (VIDEO)

I’ve long held that the skyrocketing popularity of the evil black tactical modern sporting rifle has a lot to do with the number of adult gamers at the time of the end of the Assault Weapons Ban. It was the perfect nexus of a bunch of people wanting ARs and AKs and a font of cool new guns.

And gamers are incredibly gun-friendly. Of course you’re going to find some who think the only place an AR should exist is in video games but there are people like that everywhere, even in the gun world.

So the next time you see an ad for the latest, greatest Cowadoody game, even if you think they’re a complete waste of time and money, think, there goes ten million potential new gun owners.

Just don’t ask them what they were doing in relation to your mom last night. You don’t wanna know.

Get more at the Yankee Marshal YouTube channel.

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