Five tacti-cool Christmas gifts for that special gun-loving someone

Christmas is a time of holly and jolly and cheer, and gifts — gun gifts, to be precise. Everyone has that friend or family member that talks incessantly about the newest piece of gun gear and uses the phrases “milspec” and “tactical” several times a day. So here are five must-have tacti-cool Christmas gifts for that special gun-loving someone in your life.


Tactical Vest Christmas Stockings come in three colors.

1. Tactical Vest Christmas Stockings

Nothing screams “high speed low drag” like tactical stockings.

Stuff these with small gun gifts for your loved ones, but maybe load up those exterior pouches with extra mags as well. Because, let’s face it, ol’ Kris Kringle is notorious for B&E’s.

You can find these Tactical Vest Christmas Stockings for a reasonable $14.99. They come in black, coyote and OD green, and even have Velcro for all your milspec patches.

2. Hazard 4 BattleAxe Guitar-Shaped Padded Rifle Case

Rock on with the Hazard 4 BattleAxe Guitar-Shaped Padded Rifle Case

Rock on with the Hazard 4 BattleAxe Guitar-Shaped Padded Rifle Case

Christmas carols are a huge part of the holidays, but the contents of this covert rifle case sings a different tune entirely.

The Battle Axe was designed to look like a guitar case, but function like a rifle case. It accommodates AR and AK style long guns, and can even hold most electric guitars.

The assortment of external pockets can store common gun accessories like magazines, a cleaning kit, and spare parts.

The BattleAxe for $189.99 and they come in black and tan.

It comes in pistols or rifles.

It comes in pistols or rifles.

3. Gun Coffee Mug

One can’t have too many guns, and one also cannot have too many mugs.

Start Christmas morning off with a gun mug. Fill it with java, let the kids open presents, drink, repeat.

These gun-themed mugs sport collections of handguns and rifles, both young and old. From AR’s and AK’s to Browning Hi-Power’s and Beretta’s.

Cuppa sells these mugs for $11.95 a piece, and they also have military themed cups.

SET2720-300x3004. Wicked Grips and Recoil Spring Plugs

Stand out at the gun range this holiday season with a “Come and Take It” recoil spring plug and a pair of exotic wood grips for your 1911.

These products from Wicked Grips are a great way to tell everyone “This is my 1911. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” Customize away with wood or aluminum grips a wide array of plugs.

Wicked Grips sells most of their plugs for around $40, and their grips hover around the $100 mark.

FirefoxScreenSnapz0715. Brad Thor Alpha Jacket

While looking at Christmas lights, combat the cold and any potential adversaries with the super secret (Santa?) and high tech Brad Thor Alpha Jacket.

Evidently, this jacket is so intense it comes with an eight-page operator’s manual. But here are some of “need to know” features: Stealthily quiet exterior for slipping in and out of the house for another cup of eggnog, sleeve dagger pockets for ferociously ripping open presents, and a hidden clear-touch tech pocket so you can crank up the Christmas music without even taking out your phone.

Scottevest sells the Brad Thor Alpha Jacket for $200.

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