Father hides gun in 5-year-old son’s car seat, sentenced to eight years in prison


A Fayetteville father was sentenced to 105 months in prison Friday after stashing a loaded handgun in his 5-year-old son’s car seat during a traffic stop on Dec. 9, 2010.

Vincent Jarod Williams, 30, was pulled over for running a red light. Police discovered drugs in the vehicle, and when they unstrapped Williams’ crying son from the car seat, they also discovered a loaded .22-caliber handgun with a chambered round and the safety off, WRAL reports.

The young boy told authorities, “My daddy only gave me this gun.”

According to police, there were eight rounds in the magazine and another 54 in the car.

Williams has been previously convicted of robbery, assault, and possession of stolen goods and drugs.

At the time of his arrest, Williams was wearing a holster, but told police he didn’t own a gun because he was a convicted felon.

[ WRAL ]

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