Year in Review: 25 most popular articles of 2013

Guns” was a popular topic of conversation and debate for 2013, and some may even argue the most important. And for those dedicated to covering the topic, 2013 was also an exciting year because we were always on our toes and were never short of anything to write about.


This is a list of the most popular articles of the year, meaning you, the reader, chose them in an indirect way. While we do our level best to give you a balance of need-to-know stories and fun stuff, what you guys actually look at can be surprising. We hope you enjoy the list as much as we do.


25 most popular articles of 2013

25. The White House warns against photoshopping Obama but the Internet can’t help itself (17 PHOTOS)

24. Noob hunter screams when ‘dead’ deer bounces away (VIDEO)

23. FPSRussia business partner found dead by gunshot wound

22. Victoria Secret model stirs controversy as she steps out in gun themed dress

21. School tells cop not to wear his gun or uniform when picking up his daughter

20. UN Arms Trade Treaty calls for disarmament of persons 55 and older (April Fools)

19. The amazing works of SIG’s master engravers (PHOTOS)

18. Sexy shooter angers YouTube community (VIDEO)

17. Good Samaritan thwarts crime, hits ‘armed’ bank robber so hard it breaks his hand (VIDEO)

16. Miss America contestant to proudly bear U.S. Army tattoo (8 PHOTOS)

15. Wanna hide a gun in your car? Here’s a few ideas (30 PHOTOS)

14. Serbu Firearms refuses to sell .50 cal sniper rifles to NYPD

13. 12-year-old boy shoots, kills family friend in shooting range accident caught on tape (VIDEO)

12. Boom, headshot! Riot officer safety checks his weapon against his face (VIDEO)

11. Injured robber’s family says armed citizen should have ‘just left the store’

10. Store owner shoots alleged robber more than 10 times after getting shot himself

9. Lead sponsor of Federal high capacity ban was unaware magazines could be reloaded (VIDEO)

8. Ted Nugent’s open letter to Joe Biden on guns

7. What happens when you load a shot shell full of .22 tracers? (VIDEO)

6. ATF raid popular YouTuber FPS Russia home, search for explosives

5. Terrifying body-camera video from Daytona Beach police shooting (VIDEO)

4. Body painted beauties of the armed forces (19 NSFW PHOTOS)

3. Arizona party turns violent; Gunman stopped by armed partygoer

2. Marine writes letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein: ‘I will not be disarmed’ (VIDEO)

1. Knife-wielding burglar bruised and battered by 72-year-old retired boxer

Thanks for reading! See you next year!

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