It's official: Meet the Glock 42, a single-stack subcompact .380 (VIDEO)

Glock recently listed this video on their YouTube channel confirming the rumors and leaked photos indicating that they were going to launch a new gun this year, a single-stack subcompact .380 ACP.

As we’ve mentioned before, this gun is big for its class but may be because Glock intends to have multiple chamberings for the same frame, spefically a 9mm version. While we’ve got solid evidence indicating the Glock 41 is a full-size longslide .45 we haven’t seen anything about the missing Glock 40.

There’s a chance that they’re testing the waters with a .380 before they launch the gun chambered in 9mm.

The link to the product page is currently broken. In case they decide to pull this video we’re including screenshots from it of the upcoming Glock 42.

glock model 42 confirmed 1

glock 41 confirmed 2

glock 42 confirmed 3

glock 42 confirmed 4

glock model 42

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