It’s official: Meet the Glock 41, a 'practical-tactical' .45 (VIDEO)

And the Glock 41 rumors have proven correct as well. We were pretty sure this would be a “practical-tactical” pistol based on early listings provided by dealers.

Massad Ayoob has a pretty solid preview here for Tactical Life’s YouTube channel.

This gun has as much in common with the Glock 30S as it does the Glock 21 with its narrower-profile slide. The gun presumably lacks a cutout because .45 ACP is capable of cycling it without having to reduce its mass beyond making it a bit skinnier.

This might not be all-new like the Glock 42 but fills a gap in Glock’s line-up that was pretty notable, with Companies like Springfield taking advantage of the absence of a longslide Glock .45.

Still no single-stack 9mm, but again, still no Glock 40, either.

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