'Kung Fury' will blow your mind (VIDEO)

“Kung Fury” isn’t a parody, it isn’t an homage, it is every great ’80s action movie distilled into a fine aether and brewed into the perfect action-adventure experience.

It’s also a Kickstarter project. These Commandos need help getting the thing going. Not interested in funding something that might not even draw First Blood? (Even if you do get your Tango & Cash back in the end, Kickstarter isn’t a Predator.) No worries as the project has already raised all the money they need to make a short film and then some; this isn’t a Raw Deal and the project isn’t going to Die Hard and they don’t have a Death Wish (II and 3).

They’ve already raised more than double their original goal of $200,000 and are now looking to push things Over The Top, but they’re looking forward to A Better Tomorrow. If they raise a cool million they’ll be able to make a full-length feature film happen.

If you want to help these Untouchables make that happen head over to the Kickstarter page and give them The Right Stuff. Twenty bucks gets you a digital download, $30 gets you a Blu-Ray and $40 gets you a T-shirt. They’re accepting pledges from $5 to $10,000.

Road House.

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