Are these Kel-Tec's new bullpups for 2014?

kel tec 556 223 bullpups rdb m43

This spilled onto Reddit recently.

It would appear that Kel-Tec has developed a new bullpup design chambered in 5.56/.223 that accepts AR-15 magazines and will offer it in two versions, one with a polymer shell and the other bare with wooden furniture and a heat shield. The ejection port is nowhere to be seen so it’s safe to assume it shoots the cartridges out whole.

Gotta say, the design looks pretty retro-future. We’ll find out if it’s the real thing soon enough. If it is, well, you know they’re going to sell the instant they hit store shelves, and be touted as the everyman’s Tavor.

Now taking bets on the sticker! Closest without going over!

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