FPS Russia is back with a Bullpups Unlimited 12-gauge (VIDEO)

There were not just legal but logistical hurdles to getting the Professional Russian back on the air but things seem to be holding up well enough now. We thought he was back last year, but that proved otherwise.


What our Georgian Georgian has at hand is a Remington 870 (or Chinese clone, apparently you can slip a Norinco 981 in there no problem, just yank the sight rail first) in a Bullpups Unlimited chassis.

They run about $360 and take your old beater (or Chinese clone) and make it into a solid trunk and range gun. Plus, the length reduction for woods hunting has got to be fantastic.

So if you unsubscribed from the FPS Russia YouTube channel for lack of content, good news! He’s back in action. And if you want to justify his love, buy some FPS Russia swag.

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