Gear Review: 'Deep cover concealment' apparel from UnderTech

There are times when the standard method of concealed carry isn’t a viable option. When confronted with those situations, outside-the-box thinking becomes a necessity. UnderTech, a company that makes “holsterless” alternatives, enables users to carry a concealed handgun in situations that would otherwise prove unfeasible, and this article will explore its offerings.

Compression Short Holster

Ladies often have an even more difficult time concealing weapons due to tighter fits in fashion trends.

Their American-made concealment compression shorts and shirts are made out of an all-weather, micropoly/lycra blend designed to wick moisture away from the body. So you can stay dry and conceal carry while looking cool. As an added bonus, the compression garments come in men and women sizes.

The shirts have two “pockets” on either side near the ribs that are large enough to accommodate a sub-compact pistol comfortably and a compact pistol not-so-comfortably. Larger pistols tend to sag and angel inward, pointing the muzzle directly into your side, and with the trigger and trigger guard protected by only a piece of cloth, that’s not a good thing.

However, if you are looking to dress formally and want to carry a lightweight, sub-compact pistol, then this compression shirt will get you through it.

The shorts are made of the same material as the shirts and have two “pockets” at the 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock position. Similar to the shirts, anything more than a couple of ounces is going to angle the pistol inwards directly into your glutes.

So what’s the point? Jogging. Trying to conceal carry while jogging is impossible at worst and aggravating at best. I’ve used an inside-the-waistband holster several times and cinched the drawstring on my running shorts as tight as possible, only to be left with a rhythmic thumping with every stride I took. Surprisingly, the retention on the compression shorts works well enough to keep a lightweight, small-frame pistol snug against your side, making carrying while jogging (without a fanny-pack) a real possibility.

Pretty purses that pack a punch

Not to fret ladies, if compression garments aren’t for you, there’s a wide selection of purses that are specifically designed for concealed carry. Most are made of real leather and some are constructed from American Bison leather. For any guys out there looking for a concealment satchel (murse?), there are several options to choose from, but not nearly as wide a selection as the ladies.

My wife uses one of their concealed carry purses and has no complaints. The model she carries has two large compartments on either side lined with velcro and a holster. The pockets seal with a locking zipper. Which, honestly, doesn’t offer much security.

Yes, I tried it too, but only around the house and I was very pleased with the accessibility of the weapon. After a few draws I found I could safely retrieve the weapon in under two seconds.

One really cool feature about the purses as opposed to the compression garments is you can easily store a full-size handgun in the compartments. That leaves the other pockets free for spare magazines or a compact.

CCW Leather Jacket

Having built-in holsters means not having to dress around the gun. (Photo credit: UnderTech)

Cold weather concealment

Next up, the high-speed concealed carry jacket for the guys. This is, hands-down, my favorite product. The three-layer laminated soft-shelled jacket is 100 percent polyester and has a breathable film membrane for its middle layer to help evaporate sweat.

It has enough regular pockets to store any practical every-day-carry item and the concealed carry pockets, located halfway down the zipper, are remarkably roomy. Much like the purses the insides of the jacket are lined with velcro and includes a holster.

My SIG 229 fits with room to spare and doesn’t sag much, even without magazines on the opposite side to distribute the weight evenly. Retrieving the weapon is simple and feels natural. What’s more, the jacket actually fits well and looks great.

This piece of concealed carry clothing would be best suited for fall when you know you will be switching between the cool outside air and an office or otherwise warm environment. If you follow the sizing chart, its a snug fit and it doesn’t allow for a lot of extra clothing. Just wear a simple t-shirt underneath and you’ll have access to a firearm anytime you don your jacket.


Shoulder holsters can be a dead giveaway when concealing on your torso. The compression shirt aleve this. (Photo credit: UnderTech)

Final thoughts

When traditional concealed carry methods do not work for me or I’m just not in the mood to strap on a holster, it’s nice to have a viable alternative for those situations and UnderTech stuff definitely does the trick.

Given the amount of sag and the starting price of $49.99, I can’t, in good conscious, recommend the compression garments for anything that weighs more than a few ounces. However, if you chose to carry a micro-gun you will be happy with them.

The purse is a no-brainer. With high quality construction and a prices ranging from $79.99 – $339.99, it’s a solid investment. The best part about them is that it has finally convinced my wife that concealed carrying is something she can do. Gals, if you are looking for a safe and effective way to carry get a concealment purse.

I was most impressed with the jacket. Then again, I love jackets. I carry a lot of gear with me on a daily basis and when cold weather comes rolling in it’s a welcome reprieve from having to tote around a man-bag and at $79.99 it’s a steal.

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