Pistol-packing deer hunters rejoice, Federal unveils new hard-hitting 10mm round

Pre and post expansion of federal load

Pre and post expansion of the new 180gr 10mm Federal load. (Photo credit: James Grant)

Under their Federal Ammunition Brand, ATK introduced a 180 grain JSP brass cased 10mm auto to their Vital-Shok line of hunting cartridges.

The new 10mm load allows sportsmen to finally bring their favorite tactical hard-hitting handgun out of the nightstand and into the deer stand.

With a 180-grain bullet propelled to a 1,300 fps the new Federal cartridge opens the revolver inundated pistol hunting sport to automatics. Hunters will be able to take advantage of 10mm offerings from Colt, Glock and Dan Wesson as well as the Rock Island VZ we saw last year.

Federal 10mm auto load

Federal unveils new hard-hitting 10mm Auto load for pistol-packing deer hunters. (Photo credit: James Grant)

Federal demonstrated the new cartridge with a Glock 20 and a deer vitals target. I was fortunate enough to try my hand at the simulated deer hunt utilizing the polymer pistol from 25 yards away.

Limited testing revealed the new 10mm round in a Glock 20 was minute-of-deer accurate with moderately increased recoil over traditional loadings. The 10mm auto cartridge isn’t the best plinking round due to price and recoil but it makes an excellent round for hunting or home defense.

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