Shotgun-proof drone available on Kickstarter (VIDEO)

This quadracopter from “Game of Drones” touts a nearly indestructible airframe so tough it can still fly after repeated shotgun blasts.

Createed by Eli Delia and Marque Cornblatt, The Action Sports Airframe was rigorously tested for over a year. It was subjected to repeated 300 foot drops, exposed to fire, crashed through windows, and of course, shot out of the sky with a shotgun. Minor tweaks were made to the design and the finished product is practically bulletproof, according to Kick Starter.


This battle ready drone is tough enough to soak up a couple shotgun blasts and keep flying.

If the Kick Starter project raises its $25,000 needed by February 14, a small batch of around 250 units will be available. However, these won’t be ready-to-fly drones, but instead, just the bombproof airframes. The user will have to create their own build.

In short, this product is going to be awesome, but a bit of technical know-how will be required to get the Action Sports Airframe up and running. Thankfully, they plan to provide build guides, instructions, and how-to videos as well.

Check out the shotgun torture test below.

And check out Cornblatt’s miniature UAV with a remote controlled rocket.

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