Century breathes life into aging Mosins with archangel system

Century Arms International, importer of Comblock firearms for well over a decade, is now importing Chinese Type 53 M44-pattern Mosin Nagant rifles that are sporterized, refinished and equipped with the new Archangel chassis.

The hero of The Great Patriotic War fights again.

The hero of The Great Patriotic War fights again. (Photo by James Grant)

The Archangel system has existed for some time now, but this is the first example of guns being sold with the system pre-installed. The T-53s that Century chose for these upgrades had badly damaged stocks and worn out finish. Since these rifles would have been difficult to sell at a profit, Century decided to get them back into fighting shape with help from the Archangel system.ย This system replaces the fixed, hinged magazine plate on the aging Mosins with a removable box-type one holding either five or 10 rounds of ammunition. The upgraded Mosin featured at SHOT had its hinged bayonet removed, barrel recrowned and its worn blue finish replaced with a bead-blasted matte black coating.

Many purists will cringe at these upgrades, but most customers have neither the time nor patience to replace or refinish the furniture on war-worn Mosins. Expect to see this ship later this year.

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