Lady Jean Pepper Spray: Taste the painbow

HND's Lady Jean looks small in everyone's hands

HND’s Lady Jean looks small in everyone’s hands (Photo by James Grant)

The newest product from Hands oN Defense isn’t a firearm or firearm accessory, but a pepper spray gun.

Named after an undercover officer whose cover was blown when her pepper spray can’s nozzle broke and filled the room with irritant, the Lady Jean is a reloadable irritant delivery system. While similar systems are normally a one time use item or deliver a narrow stream of pepper-spray, the Lady Jean features a conical spray pattern and reloadable gas canister system.

It also comes with a safety catch. In order to activate the Lady Jean its safety catch must be depressed first. This prevents an unintended discharge if the Lady Jean is grabbed via trigger.

With a fully loaded canister the Lady Jean weighs 2.4 ounces and has a range of up to 9 feet. This discreet non-lethal irritant delivery system comes in a variety of colors.

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