What if Ted Nugent were president? The Nuge explains (VIDEO)

On the final day of SHOT Show 2014, we met with Ted Nugent before an autograph signing at the American Tactical booth.

We wanted to learn more about the Nuge’s perspective because at times it’s difficult to define the Motor City Madman’s role within the gun debate due to the fact that he speaks from the vantage point of a great many things — a musician, hunter, rights advocate, shooter, political commentator, father — sometimes one at a time and others all at once.

So, instead of trying to define him ourselves, we decided we’d ask him how he defined himself.

“The gun debate is about good people having the individual right from God, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, to stop evil people,” Nugent said. “If you find fault with that you’re on the side of the evil people — duh.”

While he teases the idea of “President Nugent,” his answer raises the question, “What would Uncle Ted do in the oval office?”

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