Axe’s Super Bowl commercial calls for peace by ‘making love, not war’ (VIDEO)

Axe’s new Super Bowl commercial, “Peace: Call to Arms,” calls for consumers to make love, not war.

Axe joined forces with Peace One Day and BBH London to create the advertisement, which promotes their new deodorant “Peace.” It shows military powers from various nations gearing up for war before eventually choosing to make an act of peace, Laughing Squid reports.

An abbreviated version of the ad will air during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. It closes by borrowing a phrase from peace demonstrators from the 1960s. “Make love, not war with new Axe Peace.”


Axe’s new commercial calls for making love, not war.


The commercial will be aired during the Super Bowl, February 2.


The ad shows leaders from various nations gearing up for war, only to make a last minute act of peace.

[ Laughing Squid ]

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