Fox News’ Bob Beckel calls Colion Noir a 'punk' for his MLK video (VIDEO)

Bob Beckel from Fox’s show The Five took aim at NRA News’ Colion Noir after he released a video about Martin Luther King Jr.

Noir recently talked about the cultural progress that has been made since MLK’s assassination, saying the late King would likely have mixed feelings about how civil rights have developed if here were alive today. Beckel, it seems, didn’t like the commentary.

“I just find this absolutely outrageous, disgusting, disgraceful. I don’t know how much deeper the NRA can go in bull,” Beckel said of Noir.

He continued by calling the NRA “trash,” saying they had “bazookas,” and throwing in “their Canadian leader” for good measure.

Beckel later said on the show that King was “too great a man for that punk who’s trying to tie it into that ridiculous organization.”

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