NRA News commentator Austin Weiss on "Think(ing) For Yourself" (VIDEO)

Austin Weiss with NRA News talks about the preconceived notions people have towards both him and guns in a new segment titled “Think For Yourself.”

Weiss is a small business owner and gun collector. With his shaggy beard and tattoo-laden arms, he said he’s accustomed to people openly gawking at him. In the short video, Weiss compares how he is sometimes judged because of his looks to how firearms are judged because of the crimes they are used to commit. But in reality, it’s the person beneath the skin and behind the gun that counts.

“People want to blame the tool used, not the person behind the tool. I say we ban evil. Better yet, le’s ban ‘assault evil.’ It doesn’t matter what we do or what bans we put into law, there will always be evil,” Weiss said.

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