Would-be burglar held at gunpoint on rooftop of Tulsa home (VIDEO)

 Brandon Scott Pomeroy (Photo credit: Tulsa County Jail)

Brandon Scott Pomeroy (Photo credit: Tulsa County Jail)

An attempted burglary at a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last Sunday ended with the suspect behind bars, but only after he was trapped on the roof of the home, being held at gunpoint by the homeowner’s fiancé, a local Fox affiliate reported.

The homeowner, who does not wish to be identified, told reporters that she was awakened about 5 a.m. by an unusual noise.

“I kept hearing almost like running, but definitely somebody was up on my roof or in the second story,” said the woman, who is a mother but was home alone at the time. “The emotions are growing stronger from fear to anger, to just disbelief,” she said.

She immediately called her fiancé, then the police. While she waited for authorities to arrive, she looked out of her front window to find a startling sight.

She saw the suspect’s feet dangling from above, while he sat on the edge of the rooftop. And the woman’s fiancé was standing in the front yard with his gun trained on the suspect.

“I immediately put my gun on him with one hand and the other hand I had a flashlight that I held in his eyes. I immediately said, ‘Don’t move or I’ll drop you where you’re at.’ He put his hands up immediately,” the woman’s fiancé told reporters. “I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to shoot,” he added.

He stood with his gun pointed at the suspect for about 10 minutes before police arrived, and when they got there, the suspect immediately surrendered to authorities without further incident.

Police found that he was in possession of a small bag of methamphetamine and is being held with a bond of over $45,000.

The suspect was identified as Brandon Scott Pomeroy, but the victim doesn’t believe that he was acting alone when he tried to break into her house. She found numerous items outside around her house, including a sweater in the backyard, a T-shirt in the front and socks on the roof. There were also broken tree branches on the ground.

“They had been at work in my backyard for a while. They had been up in trees, and they set up some access to the roof, stacking chairs and other items,” she said.

The incident has been a bit of a wake-up call for the victim and other residents in the otherwise safe and quiet neighborhood.

“I think awareness and just diligence in your neighborhood,” the homeowner said is the key to avoid becoming a victim in the future. “Making sure your doors and windows are locked always, setting your alarm, using the things you can use to prevent harm, because it’s out there.”

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