W Virginia man shoots first, asks questions later: Kills neighbors over trespassing misunderstanding (VIDEO)

A West Virginia man was charged with murder after fatally shooting two neighbors who he believed were trespassing on his property Saturday.

Rodney Bruce Black, 62, was in his home in Barboursville when 60-year-old Garrick Hopkins took his brother, 61-year-old Carl Hopkins Jr., to see the new property he had just purchased. While the brothers were building a shed on their land, Black shot and killed them both with a rifle, The Raw Story reports.

wchs_black_140127a-615x345But according to a statement from the Cabell County Sheriff’s Department, “The outbuilding in question was on the Hopkins property and contained no belongings of the suspect Rodney Black.”

Black told responding deputies he did not give the Hopkins brothers warning before firing, and only called 911 after the shooting occurred.

“It wasn’t even his building,” said Regina Lafferty, who lives across the street from Black and witnessed the shooting. “If you have a concern, you call 911 first. You don’t shoot, then call.”

Black was arrested at his home, where authorities seized a “large cache of weapons and ammunition,” Raw Story reports. He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and booked into the Western Regional Jail.

[ Raw Story ]

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