NRA News commentator Billy Johnson on ‘Disarming’ America (VIDEO)

Billy Johnson with NRA News talks about the issue of disarming American citizens, and what that would mean for our nation if it happened.

Johnson argues that in order for our government to forcibly disarm the American public, they would first have to throw out the Second Amendment. But he says gun owners could also be separated from their firearms willingly.

“There are really only two ways our government could disarm us. They could abandon the republican principles upon which this country was founded. Or, the people themselves could willfully disarm,” according to Johnson.

While the Second Amendment is still going strong, the legislature that continues to be passed today is just like the Jim Crow laws of old that made it extremely difficult for “blacks, immigrants, and poor whites” to vote, Johnson says.

“It may not be a perfect representative government but the ideals upon which it was founded are the most perfect we have ever known,” Johnson says.

[ NRA News ]

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