Store clerk fights off armed robber by hurling cans of beer at him (VIDEO)

A store clerk in England thwarted a would-be armed robber by hurling cans of beer at him.

Armed with a pistol and donning a Guy Fawkes mask (made popular by the comic/film “V for Vendetta”), the thug burst into the Bargain Booze liquor store on Jan. 12 and demanded money. As he waved his gun around and threatened the clerks, his accomplice, who also was wearing a mask, nabbed money from the tills. But one ornery clerk refused to be bullied and took the offensive, Sky News reports.

The clerk swiped repeatedly for the thief’s handgun while fending off incoming strikes. Eventually, he took to hurling cans of beer at the masked man and prevailed over him.

The robbers made off with some cash and police are still looking for them, but it’s safe to say they’ll forever remember, remember the 12th of January.

[ Sky News ]

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