Airsoft minigun delivers 3,000 BBs per minute, draws fans globally (VIDEO)

This video, originally released almost five years ago, has a little cult following. Actually, it’s a pretty big cult following, and it’s drawing hundreds of airsoft enthusiasts to Scotland every year to fight on “The Fort.”

Their target: Mr. Hailstones of Scout the Doggie. It’s his fort and he defends it with his Echo1 M134 Minigun, a powerhouse of an airsoft machine gun capable of firing 3,000 BBs per minute. The original feeds from 1,700-round magazines which just isn’t enough for The Fort, which is guarded by Mr. Hailstones’ custom M134 “belt-fed” replica.

The Daily Mail has the story:

“Mr. Hailstones owns around 50 airsoft guns, but he says the machine gun – nicknamed ‘Old Painless’ – has a ‘fear factor’ which his other weapons cannot match.

“‘When you walk into a room with it people say, “I think I’ll go now,”‘ he said. ‘The whole kit weighs five stone, you have to try and trudge. Everyone wants to fight it.’

“The father of two says his antics with the gun have made him a recognisable figure in his home town of Glenrothes.

“‘One time in the street I was taking the bairn to classes and some kids started mimicking the action of the minigun,’ he said. ‘They said, “It’s him, it’s him!”‘”

The M134 replica is made here in the U.S., and it costs more than most real firearms by no small margin. The 35-pound “beast” comes with a $3,899 sticker.

Maybe it’s time someone took Mr. Hailstones on with a little of his own medicine? Who’s got four grand they want to use to drop him on his home turf?

For all the details about the Echo1 M134 Minigun hit up the product page.

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