New York cop who pulled gun during snowball fight contradicts himself in court

The off-duty New York police officer who drew his concealed weapon after a group of young men threw a snowball at him in 2010 revealed inconsistencies in story while in court Tuesday.

Transit Sgt. Adonis Ramirez, 34, was in plain clothes and off-duty in late February when at least one snowball struck him in the leg. Moments later, he pulled out his gun, holding five young men at gunpoint while he used his cellphone to call for backup. The group was arrested but later filed a $10 million lawsuit against the NYPD. In his recent testimony, Ramirez contradicted himself at several points, New York Post reports.

During the original incident, Ramirez called 911 to report an “officer needs assistance” situation and can be heard telling the plaintiffs, “Do not move, do not move. You brought this upon yourself. You want to be a dick?”

Manuel Rondon, 22, Christian Perez, 23, Johnathan Rodriguez, 26, Anthony Aquino, 19, and Ariel Lopez, 21, were arrested and charged with weapons possession, attempted assault, menacing and harassment.

When he originally reported the crime, Ramirez told the arresting officer “he felt himself get struck on the back by multiple snow balls.” In court, he admitted it was just “one.”

In 2010 Ramirez stated he drew his weapon at least one minute after being hit by a snowball. During his recent testimony he claimed it took him approximately 15 to 30 seconds.

According to Ramirez’ attorney, the discrepancies were a result of sloppy report writing by arresting Officer Paola Diaz, who was later disciplined for it. Diaz also failed to note in her report that Ramirez was hit with a snowball, New York Daily News reports.

“He made up facts,” said attorney Neil Wollerstein, who is representing the five young men. “He never got hit with a snowball… His story is just all over the place.”

But according to Ramirez, while he may have gotten a few facts wrong, a possible threat still existed that day and his actions were justified.

“I was outnumbered, and I wasn’t taking any chances,” he said.

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