Is RIP ammo making gun owners look bloodthirsty? (VIDEO)

The RIP — again, that’s the Radically Invasive Projectile — is already starting to get negative attention from people who probably don’t like guns all that much in the first place.

The cartridge, designed by G2 Research, was just recently introduced and is designed such that its CNC-machined bullet fragments into nine projectiles upon striking a target, splitting off eight sharpened tines that fly in all directions from a solid core that continues to penetrate, ensuring maximum energy transfer while maintaining FBI standards for terminal ballistics.

There’s no doubt the marketing scheme and indeed the very name of the ammunition is designed to elicit grave imagery, and it’s not surprising that some people are already, ahem, up in arms over it, not limited to the Yankee Marshal.

Memphis news WREG-TV just did a spot on the new product.

“Gun shop owners in the Mid-South said they can’t get a hold of a box and are still deciding if they even want to carry it.

“Julia Sparacello owns Horn Lake Arms and said quite a few customers have asked about the R.I.P. bullet.

“‘They separate into five or six different parts, into a little star. It separates in the target,’ said Sparacello.

“The copper bullet strikes a target and then expands at the top into several sharp blades.

“G2 Research created it for self-defense saying it will stop criminals in their tracks. The company is hoping women invest in it to protect themselves.

“With gun violence so bad in Memphis, many are afraid criminals will start using them.

“‘To think you are going to stop violence with violence, is ludicrous. I’m not surprised someone has created a bullet like this,’ said Sam Shoup.”

Shoup’s opinion isn’t going to get a lot of credit here for sure, but is G2 Research doing more harm than good with their aggressive, almost inflammatory marketing strategy?

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