College students willfully sign petition to imprison, execute all registered gun owners (VIDEO)

College students in San Diego, California, willfully signed a petition to not only imprison all registered gun owners, but execute them too.

Mark Dice, a political activist, convinced some college students to sign a petition to repeal the Second Amendment, confiscate all guns in America, imprison legal gun owners, execute them, and more.

In the video, Dice continues making the petition more and more ludicrous and with the exception of only a few people, everyone signed it.

Since the video launched Feb. 3, it’s gotten more than 100,000 views and evoked thousands of comments on social media.

“You wouldn’t believe how much hate mail, tweets, and wall posts I got from brain damaged people today who think I really want to take away their guns after seeing my latest petition video!!!!” Dice posted on his Facebook page. “They’re dumber than the zombies who sign the actual petitions!!!”

He added that people blindly sign crazy petitions in most of the videos he makes.

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