Live free or in…Massachusetts (VIDEO)

A short film by Reality Always Wins describing the state of affairs of the citizens of the state of Massachusetts, which also happens to be the third most frequently-misspelled state, following Tennessee and Louisiana, with regards to their Second Amendment rights. Fun fact: Gloucester, Mass., happens to be in the top five most frequently-misspelled cities.

So people live in Gloucester, Mass., live in one of the most frequently-misspelled places on earth and have terribly prohibitive gun laws.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping trivia books in the bathroom …

Volleyball and basketball were both invented in Massachusetts!

It’s illegal to advertise “New England” clam chowder if it has tomatoes in it!

Revere Beach was the first public beach in the country (not counting, er, the ocean)!

The oldest subway in North America was built in Boston!

Now ask me about New Hampshire …

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