Taliban captures military dog (VIDEO)

A recent video shows Taliban fighters claiming to have captured an American military dog during a firefight in Afghanistan last December.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the canine capture came after a lengthy gun battle between Taliban fighters and coalition forces in Alin Nigar district of the Laghman province, the Washington Post reports.

“The mujahideen valorously put tough resistance against the troops for hours,” Mujahid said. “The dog was of high significance to the Americans.”


The Taliban claimed to have captured a military dog during a battle in Afghanistan last December.

According to a translation from the Washington Post, one of the group members shouts, “Allah gave victory to the mujahideen! Down with them, down with their spies.”

The dog in the video is a Belgian Malinois, a breed often used by U.S. Special Operations troops, pointing to the validity of the capture. It was also confirmed by a spokesman for the international military coalition that a dog was lost during an operation in December.

Rita Katz, founder of the SITE Intelligence Group, said this was the first time she’s seen a dog used in insurgent propaganda.

“I don’t remember seeing a dog used as a hostage,” she said.

[ Washington Post ]

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