Upcoming NASCAR race to be called ‘Duck Commander 500’

Duck Commander 500

An upcoming NASCAR race at the Texas Motor Speedway will be called the “Duck Commander 500.”

Last year, TMS was sponsored by the National Rifle Association and titled their Spring race the “NRA 500.” Now, the famed racing organization has teamed up with wildly popular Duck Dynasty crew and is calling their upcoming April 6 event the “Duck Commander 500,” Dallas News reports.

The new Uncle Si’s Tea and Duck Commander barbecue sauce will be sold to the 150,000 fans and showcased to the millions of viewers during the race, and in turn the Robertsons will give TMS exposure via their social media accounts.

TMS general manager Eddie Gossage says the 3-year deal struck with the Robertsons is a good way to connect similar “Americana” family audiences.

[ Dallas News ]

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