Updated Remington R51 size comparison chart


Triangle Tactical has updated their Remington R51 size comparison chart, with respects to the fact that the initial dimensions of the R51 were … smaller than they turned out to be at SHOT Show.

Initially they were reported to be similar to the significantly-smaller Glock 42, which is still a little big for a .380, but considerably smaller than the average-sized R51.

The R51 still has a low bore axis and high grip, owing to the Pedersen “hesitation-locking” action that combines the recoil impulse of a delayed-blowback action with the compact recoil assembly of a direct-blowback pistol. However the drawback is that the locking block sets the barrel a little further forward than a Browning-action tilting barrel pistol.

As you can see from the overlays, the R51 is a little longer in the nose than the XDs, more than the extra tenth of an inch of barrel would account for. But it’s about the same height while holding an additional round in the magazine.

What isn’t shown here is how slender the gun is, and there’s no denying that it is one thin 9mm.

We’ll get a review up as soon as worldly possible.

[Triangle Tactical]

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