CCTV footage of ‘Lone Survivor’ movie theater shooting (VIDEO)

The CCTV footage of the Florida movie theater shooting involving a former Florida police officer who shot a man dead was released after a court hearing Friday.

Retired Tampa Police Cpt. Curtis Reeves, 71, fatally shot Chad Oulsen, 43,  during a screening of the movie “Lone Survivor” after an argument over texting broke out.

When asked why he shot Oulsen, the former police captain said, “Well, I guess it scared the hell out of me, I thought the guy was fixing to beat the shit out of me.”

An off-duty Sumter County deputy who was also at the theater quickly responded to the scene after hearing a gunshot. While securing Reeves’ gun, the deputy said he overheard a conversation between him and his wife.

“She said that was no cause to shoot anyone. And then he leaned back around and stuck his finger out… and said, ‘You shut you’re fucking mouth and don’t say another word,’” the deputy said during a court hearing.

Judge Pat Siracusa denied Reeves bail during the hearing and he will remain behind bars until his trial.

[ CNN ]

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