A brief history of the Desert Eagle in gaming (VIDEO)

A while back I thought, hey, I’m pretty sure I used to enjoy a game of CS or two back in the day, and I’ve got a fairly powerful computer, why don’t I try the new version.

I used to be pretty good, too, I thought.

Well it turns out that the dudes who still play CS, and they are most certainly dudes, never stopped playing. After all those years of me not playing CS, they were getting better.

So if you watch this and get a little nostalgic for roasting half the other team in the first round in a triumphant streak of luck and headshots and think, hey, why don’t I try the new CS, I have a fairly powerful computer, don’t. Just don’t. It’s a waste of money, you’re gonna get schooled.

You would literally be better off putting that money into a Desert Eagle fund.

[Xbox Ahoy via ENDO]

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